Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I find a rented home?

Most rented homes are owned by corporations. This homes are offered through Woningnet: www.woningnet.nl. To be eligible for a social rented home (with a rent of up to € 710,68) it is important to have a long registration history. People with the longest registration history, get the home. The waiting time for a social rented home in Amsterdam can be more than years. For a private sector rented home (houses with a rent above € 710,68) a membership of Woningnet is not required. It is up to the landlord to decide who is eligible for a home. Often your net income must be three times as much as the gross rent. You not only find homes from private landlords on Woningnet, but you can find them through your own landlord, real estate agents, friends, family or adverts on the internet. There are also mediation agencies who can help you.

Am I paying too much rent?

For a social rented home the maximum rental price can be calculated with a point system. With an easy rental price check on the Huurcommissie (Rent committee) website you can check yourself whether your rental price is correct. This is possible on www.huurcommissie.nl.

You may propose a rental price reduction to your landlord. If you disagree with the landlord about the height of the rental price you can turn to the Huurcommissie. A Wijksteunpunt Live (WSW) in your area can estimate your chances.

I have a dispute with my landlord. What should I do?

Do you have a problem with your home and didn’t manage to resolve it with the landlord? Perhaps a Wijksteunpunt Live (WSW) may help. Please contact a WSW in your area. They can provide you with advice or refer to a lawyer specialising in tenant law.

What should I do if the landlord does not properly maintain my home?

The landlord is obliged to maintain the home to such a condition that the tenant can properly use it. He is responsible for all maintenance/repairs, except for any maintenance which is borne by the tenant. All minor and daily repairs will be borne by the tenant. What can you do if your landlord does not wish to renovate? Always make your complaints in writing.\

Maintenance procedure
If a complaint is not resolved within 6 weeks you can start up a “maintenance procedure” at the rent committee. The rent committee cannot force the landlord to carry out repairs. However, these may significantly reduce the rental price if there are (serious) flaws.

Bouw- en Woningtoezicht
You may also call Bouw- en Woningtoezicht (Construction and Home supervision) in your municipality or area and ask them to look into the complaints. They can often force the owner to carry out maintenance.

Other legal options
If all this proves to be unfruitful, there are still many other legal options such as fines, renovating yourself at the expense of the landlord or a partial termination of the rental contract. However, don’t do this without prior legal advice.

Wijksteunpunt Live
If you have maintenance complaints and your landlord does not want to renovate, the Wijksteunpunt Live (WSW) may help you further. The WSW can also advise you on further legal steps and possibly refer you to a lawyer.

Can I rent out my home through Airbnb?

Tenants may rent out their home with the consent of the landlord. This consent is however virtually never given and whoever does this anyway, risks a penalty or even eviction. In some cases subletting is allowed. For example if you wish to leave for at least three months. In this case it is called steward care. Also in this case you need the consent of the landlord, but housing associations usually cooperate in this. If it is really difficult to pay the rent on your own, home sharing may be an option. The landlord always has to give consent for this.


If your question hasn’t been answered sufficiently answered or your question is not listed, you can contact a Wijksteunpunt Live (WSW) in your area: www.wslive.nl for nearly any questions related to your home.