About Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam

Can I do something against the rent increase? And where can I find an affordable home these days? These are questions you may have, and where the Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam (HA; Amsterdam Tenant’s Association) engages in. The Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam is committed to the interests of tenants at urban level.


The Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam (HA) aims to be the ideal urban advocate of all current and future Amsterdam tenants, and defends the rights and opportunities of these tenants. Whether it concerns tenants from the social rented sector or the private sector, the HA wants that there are enough affordable houses available for everyone throughout the city.


The HA is formed by groups of tenants, spread by the city and specialised in various themes. HA brings developments from the district to the negotiation table where Amsterdam’s policy is being discussed. Therefore, the HA can represent tenants in urban consultation with for example the alderman, corporations, the municipality and districts. To this effect, the HA has a number of objectives:

1. Sufficient, affordable, suitable and good rented homes in all districts of the city for all income groups. In the social, middle and upper segment.

2. Everyone must be able to live in Amsterdam. Tenants of all ages, with different cultural backgrounds and in need of different forms of housing.

3. Sustainability. Sustainable living should contribute to the climate but also to lowering the housing costs of tenants.

4. Supporting tenants in control compared to landlords and government. Also in the role of legal entity in legal matters.

5. Quality of life. Improving social cohesion in the various neighbourhoods, wellbeing and quality of life in the city as far as this is related to housing.

A key urban agreement is the Samenwerkingsafspraken (Cooperation Agreements) (previously Bouwen aan de Stad (Building the City). Every four years, the municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdamse Federatie van Woningscorporaties (AFWCl Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations) and the HA establish important agreements for the public housing in these Cooperation Agreements. For example about the production, the supply and the sale of social rented homes. The latest Cooperation Agreements are valid until 2019 and can be viewed here.

An association for associations

The HA is an umbrella organisation of all kinds of tenant’s organisations in the city. The organisation focuses particularly on tenants linked to districts or to tenants that rent from a housing association. In this way the supporters of the HA represents all Amsterdam tenants. Would you like to make your voice heard when policy is made or would you like more information on developments in the rented sector or perhaps even play an active role within a tenant’s organisation? Please contact a tenant’s organisation in your area.